We offer a comfortable and safe work environment. Designed with full French windows, the office provides a wonderful view of Taipei 101 and mountains from afar. The natural light that enters the room creates a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Our greatest responsibility is to do our best to take care of our employees. Apart from creating a perfect welfare system with norms above the standards of Labor Standards Act, we also established a corporate honor sharing system to encourage innovative and proactive work attitude.

Vacation system

  • Flextime and weekend off
  • Special leave in advance
  • Training leave
  • Typhoon leave
  • Health examination leave
  • Birthday leave
  • Honor leave

Salary and bonus

  • Year-end/ performance bonus
  • Overtime meal allowance
  • Mid-Autumn/ Dragon Boat Festival bonus or gift
  • Allotment/ subscription of shares and dividend to employees
  • Reward for recommending or recruiting talents
  • Recognition of senior and excellent employees

Insurances and health examination

  • Labor and national health insurances
  • Allocation of labor pension
  • Group/ travel insurances
  • Health examination

Benefits and grants

  • Wedding, funeral and maternity grants
  • Department gathering (dining or activity) grant
  • Free coffee and snacks
  • Department gathering/ movie watching
  • Company trip/ sports day
  • Club activity grants
  • Contractual store discounts