team+ Industrial Applications

Digital Transformation

Adopt team+ to drive the spirit of enterprise digitalization.

The operating procedures and communication contrarily become out of tune?

Desiring to transform and upgrade company with ERP, CRM, BI and other digital systems, but makes the operating procedures out of tune and communication behind the time instead?

Boost up the team momentum with a comprehensive communication and interaction service provided by team+.

  • Instant text chat, conversation through voice and video calls.
  • Create a themed post series to make focused discussions.
  • Can hold a video meeting at any time.
  • Be able to communicate at any time in any place.
  • Establish secure external channels to communication with upstream suppliers, downstream manufactures and partners without any concern.

How to build a digital work habit?

The stay-at-home quarantine for pandemic prevention has changed our old work style and patterns. Nevertheless, how can we digitalize the conventional management models and working concepts?

Collaborate with team+ digital management platform to change the corporate culture and create effectiveness.

  • Release the up-to-date information on digital bulletin.
  • Online voting and perform statistics immediately.
  • Assign works, discuss online, report the progress and set reminder notifications.

How can we integrate different systems into an ecosystem?

After adopting so many ICT systems and software, how can we integrate all the systems to optimize the synergy and further enhance their values?

Integrate and concatenate existing enterprise systems with API to build a complete ecosystem.

  • Integrate enterprises’ internal systems into single sign-on (SSO).
  • Important information generated from various systems can be pushed to related personnel or group in the first place.
  • Users only need to manage one account and password, which helps to increase work efficiency.

How to meet each enterprise’s special demand?

How can I launch and implement digital communication and collaboration tools in my company? How can I find the most suitable system and services that meet my company’s special requirements?

team+ is originated and developed locally in Taiwan, private cloud structured, provides customers with the most suitable and flexible services.

  • In Taiwan, many renowned enterprises in various industries already adopted the platform, hence Teamplus Technology has accumulated rich experience in various fields.
  • Can be customized flexibly, develop special functions for enterprises in need.
  • Local services provide customers with the most appropriate solutions that satisfy their needs.
  • Private cloud structured, ensure the security of communication information and files.

Digital Transformation

Find the key partner to enhance work effectiveness and create more business opportunities.

Good internal communication will facilitate transformation

Concerning the key success factor for digital transformation, internal communication is usually more important than choosing a digital system. Only instant and effective communication and interaction can put digital transformation strategy and implementation into practice.

Sufficient communication and collaboration to reach a consensus on transformation

Only with sufficient upward and downward communication, organizations will be able to reach a consensus on the values of and strategy for digital transformation. The two-way communication can also help employees to cross over the digital divide and build a digital culture.

Integrate existing systems to optimize digital synergy

By integrating existing systems, organizations will be able to give employees the convenience of SSO (Single Sign-On). This not only helps to eliminate the complicated and multi-login process, but also the host loading will also be lessened.

An ideal and useful system and a flexible and instant service

Teamplus Technology as your key partner, will help to boost up enterprise digital transformation. Apart from our rich cross-sector experience in system development over the years, we also offer a full suite of customized professional services and protect your confidentiality with the deployment of private cloud.

Smart Manufacturing

Adopt team+ to march towards Industry 4.0

Abnormality warning is not timely?

When the machine is malfunctioned, an email will be sent to the section chief. But the section chief is not in his seat, so that the problem can’t be immediately resolved…

team+ can send instant warning messages

  • Concatenate team+ and the public alert and warning system using API.
  • Send the message only to specific personnel.
  • The read status of messages can be tracked, the message can be sent to a designated group for discussion.

Is it safe to discuss matters over LINE?

Whether your topic is related to the order, technology, manufacturing process or production capacity, all discussion over the public instant messaging (IM) network can cause security concern…

File protection and watermark

  • File protection – members can only view the files on team+, file downloading is restricted.
  • Watermark – When taking a screenshot of the screen of team+ App, the watermark of personal information will be shown on the picture.
  • Enhance the mobilization and security of discussion.

Cannot see the report immediately?

The daily production report is sent to the management team via email or text message, but neither way allows instant discussion.

Create a “team” on team+ for the management members only.

  • The report will be automatically sent to the working group on a regular basis.
  • A focused discussion can facilitate the traceability of discussion threads.
  • Possible to check the read/unread status.
  • Possible to check the archived records in the “files” section of the team.

The communication costs are too high?

Difficult to schedule a discussion or meeting with colleagues from domestic and overseas factories or partners from up- and down-stream. Can’t Communicate instantly by emails, and the cost of contacting via phone is too expensive…

Communicate via team+ to save costs.

  • Arrange a VoIP call or video meeting with only one touch via team+.
  • No charge for setting up an external partner account.
  • Consistency in both internal and external communication efficiently and securely.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industry can build a smart factory of the new generation with innovative technology.

The automatic creation of project-based working group

Automatically set up working groups via API and add members in to carry out discussion. Upon completion of the mission, the project-based working group will be automatically closed.

Information security controls

Protect and ensure production confidentiality and R&D personnel related information by showing the watermark, using cloud camera or restricting access to files/ directory.

Arrangement of industry 4.0

Concatenate the systems, machines and equipment for automatic push messages, detection warning and big data analysis. This smart technology-based approach can optimize production capacity and save energy.

IoT integration and applications

Enhance automated production controls and work security via IoT. The integrated solution of team+ allows instant responses and helps to minimize losses.

Smart Retail

Adopt team+ to march towards smart retail

High turnover of store staffs and difficult to hand over customer service records?

Store staffs contact with customers and provide services thereto via LINE App. Nevertheless, when staffs change, some service details may be neglected or not be passed to new staffs.

Retain all store service records.

  • Concatenate team+ and LINE Official Account to preserve all conversation records in the host of team+, helping to facilitate handover and audit.
  • The store staff uses team+, and the customer can use LINE as usual.
  • The store staff can transfer the case to the backend customer service with  one touch on the soft key and let them to provide the following services.

The process of notifying store staffs of the payroll is complicated?

Store staff didn’t get a corporate email account, and the turnover rate is high. The HR department needs to get store staff’s personal email address for sending them the payslip, or send them a paper payslip.

The automated notification sending solution provided by team+ makes personnel management an easy job.

  • Create team+ member accounts to all corporate members and then concatenate the system via API to send out the e-payslip.
  • In compliance with the regulations while reaching the paperless goal.
  • The employee turnover status can be automatically updated and managed.

The plenary meeting costs too much?

The company holds plenary meeting monthly, yet all colleagues reside in different cities of the country, resulting in high costs of transportation time and expenses.

Hold video meetings via team+ to save time and costs.

  • The company can save transportation expenses and expenses derived from compensatory leave.
  • Staffs can also avoid traveling around to save energy.

Cannot synchronize the marketing and sales activities?

The implementation of a marketing event often varies from department to department; the adjustment to sale price is not synchronously notified to the store or related departments; the promotion schedule of selling to-be-expired products is delayed; the expired products are scrapped, resulting in a cost of idleness.

Concatenate the warehouse management system to enhance the effectiveness of marketing events.

  • Register and manage product validity for instant reporting and promotion.
  • Timely launch marketing events, discuss and get feedbacks more easily; synchronize the marketing process of all stores; immediately update the product sale data, and control the inventory more effectively.

Retail Industry

Adopt an ideal approach for managing customer relationships; and develop new business opportunities with new technology.

Communication with up- and down-stream partners and part-time workers

The communication with former or part-time employees, suppliers and logistic operators are recorded via team+. The records can be used for auditing or handling disputes, if any.

Big data and business opportunities

The membership mechanism and instant messaging function enable enterprises to build a customer database. The database can facilitate the big data analysis, development of business opportunities and resale activities.

Customer communication and management with folksonomy

Integrated with public messaging software, team+ not only allows employees to instantly communicate with the customers via LINE, but also provides precise push and adopts folksonomy for customer relationship management (CRM).

The exclusive smart customer service

Integrated with AI for automated and instant responses. Also, based on the statistical, conversation analysis and semantic learning results, customers are offered with customized services.

Smart Finance

Adopt team+ to innovate FinTech

It takes a longer time to release warning messages when an emergency occurs?

All banking systems have their respective OP. If an immediate repair is required in an emergency event, it needs to find out the contact information of the OP and notify the OP by phone.

Instantly report the incident to the responsible unit to facilitate the handling and response process.

  • Send the warning message to the responsible OP via the API of team+.
  • The read status can be tracked.
  • The message can be sent to a designated group and, upon completion of the repair, the OP can notify the user thereof immediately.

Worrying about the transmission and controls of important data?

When employees use instant messaging services to communicate and pass on business information, they must be aware of inadvertently forwarding important information to a person outside the company.

Multi-level protection to ensure the security of important information.

  • Restrict the access to the file (only via team+) as well as the downloading conditions.
  • Prohibit users from copying the text to other places.
  • The watermark of user name can also be used to track reposts or reposters.

Difficult to collect conversation records for reviewing and investigating?

When an internal audit or control is deemed necessary, the competent authority may carry out an internal conversation to discuss related matters. However, the access to related conversation records can be rather difficult.

All information is stored in the private cloud, helping to facilitate the auditing and data searching.

  • All conversations and forwarded files are stored in the enterprise’s private host to prevent texts, files and pictures from leaking.
  • The message audit function is provided to facilitate the search of conversation.

Not possible to fully carry out credit card promotions?

The implementation of credit card promotion related activities varies from branches to branches; and the person in charge of the promotion may have insufficient information on related activities or details.

A themed and team-based interactive discussion will make the exchange of opinions more focused.

  • The themed post series can release promotion related information. By leaving their opinions below each post, employees can better exchange their opinions based on a specific theme.
  • The posts can also be used for internal trainings, by providing related files or on-site service materials.

Financial Industry

Smart communication and overall information security controls to further optimize operational efficiency.

Restrict the APP access

For those who handle confidential data, enterprises may restrict their access to the App or deactivate their access in extranet to ensure data leak protection.

Role level control

The role level control functions enables the enterprise to restrict interbank contact or direct contact with the management team while satisfying the communication need across the banks or ranks.

Smart customer service

The robot answer-mode provides customers with basic and troubleshooting services. In case of needing a live service, users can switch the mode to discuss related matters with the personnel at any time.

AI-based social media sentiment analysis

Based on the big data approach, key phrases during a specific timeframe are collected from the conversation between sales person and customer, helping to develop new business opportunities.

Smart Healthcare

Adopt team+ to build smart healthcare

It takes a long time for physicians to issue a medical order?

As physicians are often occupied, the medicine prescription and dosing process may be delayed if the physician in charge of it cannot be found on time.

Concatenate the systems to make the approval or report of medical order more immediate.

  • By concatenating the HIS system with team+, physicians will be able to check all medical orders on the waiting list via their smartphones, adjust the prescription or approve it.
  • Mobilize the approval process and make it more flexible.

Need to contact every physician who is on duty to confirm the interdisciplinary consultation hours?

Need to contact every physician who is on duty to confirm the interdisciplinary consultation hours.

The notification of interdisciplinary consultation will be issued to the group simultaneously, helping to reduce the confirmation time.

  • When an interdisciplinary consultation request is established in the HIS system, at the same time, on-duty physicians of the unit will receive the notification via team+.
  • The physician can click the “Acceptance” button in the notification link to accept the request. In the meantime, the unit sending the request will be informed accordingly.

Do physicians have very limited time for office visit?

Generally, physicians provide only one visit per day. If a hospitalized patient has any question or problem that requires the physician’s support, nursing staffs will assist to contact the physician or the patient must wait for the next visit.

Concatenate the ward system with team+ provides patients the possibility of leaving a message to the physician.

  • Concatenate the ward system with team+.
  • Patients can leave a message to the physician using the screen next to the sickbed.
  • Upon receipt of the message via team+, the physician can reply to the patient directly.

Physicians can only check medical records on computer when needed?

Physicians who want to read patients’ medical records must use a computer to retrieve the document.

Possible to retrieve medical records via a mobile device.

  • Having team+ integrated with chatbot, physicians can enter the medical record number to immediately retrieve the document.
  • The robotic auto-response provides a two-way inquiry service.

Medical Industry

Two-way physician-patient interactions oriented to smart healthcare.

Reporting of important events

Instant reporting and warning messages related to virus report, test values, vital signs and important medical information are provided to avoid time gap in medical operations.

Quick search via Chatbot

Having Chatbot integrated into system, physicians can check patients’ medical information without login the HIS system, realizing the medical mobilization concept.

Two-way physician-patient interactions

By concatenating the sickbed-side ward system, not only can the patient and his/her family have an instant two-way interaction with the physician, but also the attending physician will be able to master the patient’s health status.

AI nursing staff

This robotic Q&A system can serve patients 24 hours per day by providing them with related medical information, such as symptoms, prescription, health and safety care.

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