team+ Features

Instant Messaging (IM)

Synchronize important information shared with working partners and optimize the communication and collaboration efficiency.

- Check the read /unread lists.
- Type @ to mention specific persons
- Retrieve and edit Message.
- Reply to a specific message.

Teams Interaction and Group Chats

Discussion on a themed post series and boost up the team performance.

- No upper limit on the quantity of posts.
- Newly added members can get access to past posts.
- Article forward, follow and tracking functions.

The cross-device, multi-person video meeting makes the discussion even more efficient.

- Screen share/ remote control.
- Documents can be synchronously draw or marked on the electronic whiteboard.
- The entire video meeting can be recorded.

Video Meetings

VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol)

Dialing free voice calls at any time, helping to save communication costs effectively.

- Check the “contacts” to make free calls, send instant messages and dial extension.
- Mobile extensions can be integrated with corporate directory.
- Cross-platform VoIP, which can be used to dial extension or to call via team+ App.

Self-Designed Corporate Stickers

The exclusive work themed stickers can facilitate the creation of a strong corporate culture.

- Stickers with business common words/ industry terminology.
- Users can arrange and add self-designed stickers.

Smart Decision Making via Voting

Multi-aspect opinion gathering to make objective decision, help to save statistical time.

- Polling via open or anonymous voting.
- Polls can be held in the chat room/ teams/announcement.
- The poll creator can choose to “show results only when the poll’s closed” in the settings.

Company Announcement

Release the up-to-date information to timely catch business dynamics.

- Classify and retain the announcements based on their themes.
- Files, photos and videos can be attached.
- Check read and unread lists.

Work Assignment and Task Management

Control the work progress easily and enhance the effectiveness of teamwork.

- Automatically notify the designated person.
- Report the task completion progress and send reminders.

File and Album Management

Establish a big data database to preserve corporate knowledge eternally.

- Automatically create file folders to maintain files.
- Centralized management of documents, photos and videos.
- Forward, print and edit albums.

Scheduling Message Delivery

Deployment of Private Cloud and Login Security Control

All records and files will be eternally saved in enterprises’ internal server.

- Provide setting functions for password, fingerprint and FACE ID login.
- If the user login more than 1 device, the admin will receive instant push notification.

Encryption for TLS Message Transmission and Database

Rigorous content encryption and anti-disassembly techniques make a better security protection.

The Watermark Security Tracking Function

All conversations, files and photos are supported with the full-page/full-picture watermark function to enhance security protection.

File Protection Mechanism

Restrict file offline access, protect corporate data to reduce the risk of data leakage.

Advanced Information Security Control Module

Impose restrictions on the permissions of specific accounts, so the users can’t get access to the file or photo outside the workplace.

Corporate Directory and Account Management

Integrate with AD directory services to ensure the data confidentiality and security.

- Add/delete members, synchronize the avatar and name of members automatically.
- Integrate the directories of the Group and subsidiaries.
- Delete the team+ app data remotely is applicable if any employee resigns or the mobile device is missing.

Manage the account authority hierarchically

Managing message hierarchically to prevent the confidential personnel list from being exposed.

- Set permissions for instant messaging.
- Activate the conversation function after the invitation is sent and accepted.
- Easy to manage the Group and affiliated companies.

Audit and Manage Historical Messages

Satisfy the internal audit and internal control demand together with the rigorous authorization and message check/control functions.

- Search important records by keyword.
- Search for member/ group/ conversation records.

Log Query and Control

Find specific personnel’s history of creating and deleting a record to effectively manage all changes made to the log.

- Search log by date/ event
- Check and control the chat/ group/ announcement records

Advanced Backstage Account Management

The administrator can find the problem immediately by the full account information such as:

- App version and installing date
- Device and system information
- Last seen time

Private Cloud、Dual App Mechanism

“team+ Partner” App -The world’s first exclusive patent for external messaging.

- Communicate and collaborate with a number of external organizations / personnel.
- The deployment of private cloud ensures the security of internal and external communication channels.

Exclusive Inviting and Reviewing Mechanism

Send a team+ Partner invitation via team+ to centralize the management of external communication.

- Retain the conversation records/ files eternally
- Facilitate the work handover and inspection process

Instant Messaging and Team Posts

Retain all conversation files permanently, and synchronously store all external exchange records.

- Themed posts / synchronous email notification
- Read and unread lists
- File management functions

Free VoIP and Video Meetings

Save telephone costs effectively/ Hold a mobile video meeting at any time in any place.

- One-on-one free call for internal and external communication
- Digital white board/ Meeting recording

Permission Control and Information Security Protection

Information protection for different companies /Recognize internal and external communication without being confused.

- Set up the browse permissions of external personnel
- The outsider’s avatar has clear mark in the chat rooms and teams

Smart Concatenation of API

Integrate enterprises’ internal systems with mobile instant reporting and alarm mechanisms.

- Integrate the CRM/ ERP/ on-duty systems.
- IoT application integration and system mobilization.

Single Sign-On : System Information Hub

Work applications can be managed together, helps to enhance information security and to lower the loading of host.

- Eliminate multiple system login steps
- Quick links to the system/ website/ APP and telephone

Integrate CRM and Manage Online Community Software Customers

Diver the messages to conduct a precise folks management; retain the conversation and files for eternality.

- Send push message to customers, manage CRM by employee’s real name
- Online and offline integration to obtain big data

Smart Secretary Chatbot

Integrate the auto-response and instant replying functions of AI Chatbot to provide the customized service experience.

- Data statistics, conversation analysis and semantic learning
- Assist in applying for a personal leave, arranging a meeting and data analysis

Customization Service for the Industry

Fully upgrade the industry based on customers’ demand of business models.

- Accumulated years of development experience with a deep insight into industry applications
- Apart from the leading technology and innovative R&D, customers’ demand is also merged in the core product
- An exclusive customization service for the industry, helping to solve the pain points of various industries

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