The “innovation, integrity and honesty” oriented corporate culture

When you join Teamplus Technology, you will become a member of this innovative and vital family. We welcome talents who are passionate, vigorous and not afraid of challenging the old thinking to grow with us in the field of enterprise communication ICT.

The No. 1 R&D team in the industry

We are devoted to providing enterprises with effective technology and services. Apart from using our expertise at work, we also harness the potential of every employee, providing them with a values- and fun-driven work and helping them to balance their personal and work lives.

The spirit of “a people-oriented promising enterprise”

“People” is the most precious asset of a company. We encourage our employees to do their “duty and talent” in all things. That is, apart from showing their expertise, completing the missions and fulfilling their duty, they are also encouraged to bring their talent into play. It is our aspiration that everyone will continue to progress, challenge the self and create their values of life in every tomorrow.

Implementing the cultural concept “happy life, rich life”

As “only a happy family life will create a joyful sense at work and the meaning of life”, we provide our employees with a good environment that enables those who are capable and have ideals to, through the organizational structure, bring their talents into full play and grow with Teamplus technology in sustainability.

The “honesty and integrity” oriented golden management guidelines

  1. Abide by professional ethics and comply with decent management.
  2. Meet our commitments to customers and satisfy customers’ needs.
  3. Focus on enterprise communications and lead the industry with innovative technology.
  4. Get a foothold in Asia and vision for the world.
  5. Have a sustainable development, protect employees benefits and ensure shareholders rights and interests.
  6. Build a challenging learning organization that creates joy at work.
  7. Build a united and innovative team with mutual trust.