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The enterprise-exclusive “team + private cloud version” with more complete and customized functions under your demands.

The guaranteed finance-level information security protection

Adopted finance-level cyber security management standards and mechanism, team+ has been rolled out to famous banks and government agencies. team+ definitely stands up to the cyber security test! Over 4,000 teams have adopted the team+ free trial version. You surely can use it without concerns!

With an extensive range of communication and collaboration functions for work

Instant messaging, work management, file management, enterprise announcement, corporate director and moreover. Let’s have an all-in-one collaboration platform for free. By enhancing the communication skills, your team will be able to increase competitiveness!

The attentive “Messenger”

for PC users

team+ provides instant messaging service (“Messenger”) both on PC /Mac. When you turn on the computer, team+ Messenger will be automatically activated, enabling you to see all of your messages without using the web version of team+. Even more, the lightweight interface of Messenger is ideal for the workplace.

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