Concerning our attitude towards business operations, we believe that being devoted to the society and making our customers, shareholders, employees and social environment even happier and better are the keys for corporate sustainability.

Therefore, we are firmly convinced of five business beliefs:

Implementing corporate governance.

Developing a sustainable environment.

Participating in social welfare activities.

Undertaking social responsibilities

Protecting stakeholders’ rights.

The Philosophy of Philanthropy

Upholding the spirit of a people-oriented promising enterprise, Teamplus Technology expects to continuously give back to the society with the philosophy of “altruism”. Since 2012, Teamplus Technology has been cooperating with “Taishin Charity Foundation” for charity events. After Teamplus Technology became a member of Taishin Charity Angels, the door to corporate social responsibility was then opened.

“An Acreage of Farmland” – The Rice Field Adoption Plan

Teamplus Technology welcomes the 15th anniversary by cooperating with the 2nd Section of Region 3502 of Rotary International on the Rice Field Adoption Plan

To assist enterprises in maintaining business sustainability, Teamplus Technology has not only launched a free team+ pandemic control plan in the first half year, but also cooperated with “The 2nd Section of Region 3502 of Rotary International” on the “Rice Field Adoption Plan” to welcome its 15th Anniversary this year.

Being grateful for symbiosis and co-prosperity with Taiwanese enterprises, Teamplus Technology has, upholding the spirit of an altruistic and self-interested promising enterprise, adopted rice fields to offer non-toxic, fresh and rice grown on this land to its customers and staffs. Apart therefrom, Teamplus Technology further expands the chain of kindness by experiencing harvesting and transplanting rice seedlings; and donating harvested rice to World Peace Association subsidized children who come from poor and disadvantaged families. This secondary act of charity enables Teamplus Technology to give back to customers, partners as well as disadvantaged minority groups in the society, showing EVERY8D’s great care towards Taiwan’s humanity and land.

The Charity Campaign of World Peace

Responding to World Peace Association and giving back to the society with action

To gather love and encourage all staffs to take part in charity, Teamplus Technology has expanded the 2019 charity plan in response to the series of charity activities organized by World Peace Association. Originated from the caring for local children, Teamplus Technology participated in the “Food Bag Donation Plan for Children from Remote Country Schools and Poor and Disadvantaged Families”; sponsored and participated in “Children Drama Charity Performance”, a performance specially organized to rescue children in hunger; and will join “The Christmas Wish and Gift Solicitation Activity” at the end of this year to give back to the society with action.

Green Point – Interdisciplinary Cooperation

Protect the environment with business partners and download free Green Point stickers!

In response to “Green Point Collection Campaign” organized by Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Executive Yuan in 2018, Teamplus Technology collaborated with EPA to launch “Green Point Stickers” on team+ for the first time. Apart from offering the said stickers to business account customers for free, Teamplus Technology also invited 4,000 business partners to engage in environmental protection campaigns and promote green consumption. That objectives thereof are to join the line of protecting the environment with actions and to work together for the development of environmental sustainability.

team+ e-Campus Charity Plan

The all-in-one smart campus mobile platform that provides schools with instant communication and collaboration

To fully support the government’s promotion of smart campus, Teamplus Technology launched the team+ e-Campus Charity Plan in 2016. With a donation of software that was worth over NTD20 million to public elementary schools and kindergartens, this plan aims to integrate school administrative management and e-campus systems of these foundation stones in order to provide smart campus solutions.

JiMei Elementary School located in Sanchong, New Taipei City is the first demonstration school in Taiwan that introduced “team+ e-Campus Charity Plan”. The school also allows students to transform their design works into team+ stickers that help their parents and teachers to communicate.

A Charity Partner of Taishin Angels

Providing online voting verification SMS to citizens for Taishin Charity Foundation’s charity campaign

Became a charity partner of Taishin Angels for the campaign of “Your vote decides the power of love” in 2012. For five consecutive years, Teamplus Technology has been providing EVERY8D verification SMS to citizens, enabling them to vote online during the campaign for the purpose of verification. Over 2 million SMS messages have been sent over the years. It is expected that more business partners will join the line of charity campaigns and even more social welfare groups will be benefited therefrom.