team+ Product Value

Localized development in Taiwan, establishment of private cloud and No. 1 market share

From now on, let’s make work communication easier and more secured.

Instant communication is possible regardless the distance

Integrating the functions of video meeting, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and text-based conversation. Both individual communication and group discussion are not bound by time and space. Instead, it saves time and costs while making communication even more effective.

A strict protection of trade secrets

The establishment of private cloud enables customers to save account details and data in their private server. The transmission encryption and remote wipe functions also allow customers to manage the files with an even more comprehensive approach and provide them with a securer data transmission mechanism.

Services that fit the work situation and needs

System or service customization can be provided based on the enterprise’s actual need. Existing digital systems of the enterprise may also be integrated for a flexible use. The barrier-free concatenation optimizes the flexibility of services.

With a localized development and rich experience in various industries

Having a foothold in Taiwan and vision for the world, Teamplus Technology knows Taiwanese enterprises’ cross-border demand, and provides the most flexible and timely services. Teamplus Technology’s services have been adopted and recognized by many famous industries, making it a trustworthy partner.

The standard version of team+ provides diverse and extensive range of functions


One-way massage notification

Work assignment and reporting mechanism

Files Management in Different Teams

Team Grouping and Interaction

Instant Messaging and File Sharing

Video and VoIP Calls

Corporate Directory

News Feed Push Notification

“Messenger” App for PC users

Control Platform for System Administrator

Additional Function: Business Video Meeting

With you side by side through the whole process of Digital Transformation

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