EVERY8D Features

SMS Text Message

As a national-level messaging system, EVERY8D fully satisfies the message demand of different sectors based on their respective situations. It is also the No. 1 messaging platform in the country in terms of the number of users and message delivery effectiveness.

Multimedia Messaging Service

The graphic advertisement with fine and rich content does not have any word limitation. Instead, other multimedia such as picture, video, title, table of contents and website can also be combined therewith to precisely convey the charm of product. It is the only choice if you are looking for a product with high CP value!

Long SMS

Long SMS is not bounded by the 70-character limit. Instead, each long SMS can send 330 characters at maximum. In case of exceeding the said maximum, the system will automatically divide the message into chunks and send them one-by-one according to the order .

Two-way Interactive SMS

No application, no rent code and no additional charge, the two-way interactive SMS service is exclusively offered to our customers. Apart from supporting synchronous delivery of messages with different themes, users can also set the auto return function to timely receive customers’ feedback. The financing industry can also prevent the risk of transaction fraud using the “Two-way Interactive SMS for Confirming the Transaction”.

OTP Verification SMS

Acquiring the dynamic password within 1 second will help customers not to submit the transmit request repeatedly. As it can help to reduce the time difference and avoid repeated delivery, it is obligatory for verifying the security of online transactions.

Delivery in your selected time slot

The messages can be delivered at a specific time or within a periodicity. Instead of being bounded by system schedule, the message can be delivered when holding a marketing event and is easy to manage.

Synchronized delivery of SMS messages and email

The EXCEL delivery tool is exclusively provided, enabling customers to transmit the SMS message and email simultaneously to the recipient. This dual delivery mechanism guarantees 100% delivery without leaving any message behind.

The fully encrypted transmission process

To ensure your cyber security, the system, which is subordinated to the high-class ISO27001 certified internet data center (IDC), uses 128-bit SSL to encrypt the entire transmission process.

A back-up mechanism supported by multiple telecommunications operators

The only one in the industry that has its back-up services supported by Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, FarEastTone and Asia Pacific Telecom. Apart from efficiency, effectiveness and the multi-level protection system of cyber security, Teamplus Technology also provides you with a 24-7 service that is available at any time.

National-level disaster management system

The data center is fireproof and waterproof; it has an uninterrupted power system. Without concerning the costs, this highly secured disaster prevention design can maintain the system stability and provide customers with the best services.

Synchronous multitasking of multiple systems

Multi-task processing allows over 2,000 people to transmit messages at the same time. In average, about 30 million SMS can be transmitted per day. The super high load capacity can prevent from massage delay.

Microsoft’s designated strategic partner

Possessing various leading research and development technologies, Teamplus Technology not only passed the government and banks’ strict inspections and receive credibility therefrom, but also exclusively supports the sending shortcuts of Microsoft’s Outlook and Excel, making messaging practical and flexible!

The all-in-one dual platform

The excusive all-in-one platform of SMS and MMS, plus the subaccount management system, allow customers to open four layers of subaccounts. The 2-layer subaccount design can facilitate interdepartmental or multi-operation operations, enabling users to check the report system and messaging records.

API based automated messaging system

An API (Application Programming Interface) is provided to connect the messaging service to existing enterprise systems, including CRM(customer relationship management), inventory management and promotion campaign, to meet customers’ needs for automated messaging and cyber security requirements.

Web-based mass messaging system (parameter SMS)

Import customers’ data (ex. name, mobile phone number and e-mail address) from Excel and embed them directly in the contents. The mass messaging task will then be completed easily.

Supporting the Microsoft EXCEL user interface

An exclusive support to the sending shortcuts of Microsoft’s Outlook and Excel. Excel is the best customer management tool, allowing customers to directly send out the list with only one touch.

FTP delivery and database concatenation

We provide a FTP integrated messaging service to easily retrieve the files of folders; we also make messaging mechanism more diverse through the concatenation of databases, making the messaging mechanism even more diversified.

Smart SMS platform for enterprises

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