With over 16 years of experience and a focus on internal and external enterprise communication services

Established in 2005, Teamplus Technology has accumulated over 10 years of experience in the field of information and communications technology. We provide a full range of internal and external enterprise communication services with our core competence in system integration and mobilization applications. Confronted by the trend of digital transformation, we position ourselves as the key to facilitating enterprise communication and enhancing the effectiveness of teamwork.

A private cloud-based unified communication & collaboration

“team+: Enterprise Unified Communication and Collaboration Platform”:       As the first “enterprise collaboration and instant messaging solution” developed by Taiwan, team+ is designated by the government and top hundred enterprises. With over a million of users and the experience of serving 5,000+ customers, we are way ahead of our competitors and is the No.1 leading brand in the industry.

Smart SMS Platform for Enterprises


“EVERY8D: Smart SMS and Short Messaging System Integration Platform”: Known as Taiwan’s biggest interactive SMS platform for enterprises, EVERY8D has over 400,000 business partner accounts and cumulatively sent over 8 billion business SMS messages. Also, as a designated partner of Microsoft Taiwan, EVERY8D provides reliable services to Taiwan’s top 100 enterprises and government agencies.