“An Acreage of Farmland” – The Rice Field Adoption Plan

By 2021 年 11 月 22 日 No Comments

Teamplus Technology welcomes the 15th anniversary by cooperating with the 2nd Section of Region 3502 of Rotary International on the Rice Field Adoption Plan

To assist enterprises in maintaining business sustainability, Teamplus Technology has not only launched a free team+ pandemic control plan in the first half year, but also cooperated with “The 2nd Section of Region 3502 of Rotary International” on the “Rice Field Adoption Plan” to welcome its 15th Anniversary this year.

Being grateful for symbiosis and co-prosperity with Taiwanese enterprises, Teamplus Technology has, upholding the spirit of an altruistic and self-interested promising enterprise, adopted rice fields to offer non-toxic, fresh and rice grown on this land to its customers and staffs. Apart therefrom, Teamplus Technology further expands the chain of kindness by experiencing harvesting and transplanting rice seedlings; and donating harvested rice to World Peace Association subsidized children who come from poor and disadvantaged families. This secondary act of charity enables Teamplus Technology to give back to customers, partners as well as disadvantaged minority groups in the society, showing EVERY8D’s great care towards Taiwan’s humanity and land.