【team+】Terms of Use

1. Objectives and Scope

  1. The objectives of the team+ product is to provide enterprises, organizations, schools and communities with internal social network applications. That is, through the cloud software technology and mobile APP services, to enhance enterprise communication and coordination, idea exchange, teamwork and resource integration efficiency; and effectively lower the business costs and make both the employer and employees the winners.
  2. By using the team+ product (including related website, cloud services and mobile APP), you will be deemed to have expressed acceptance of all terms and conditions, and to be bounded thereby with a will. In the meantime, it also indicates that you are agreed on our privacy policy, which explains our handling of members’ personal information.
  3. By registering our team+ product or any information provided by Teamplus Technology Inc. and team+ product, you will be deemed to have expressed acceptance of the legally binding terms of use, regardless of you are a registered “member” or a non-registered “visitor”.
  4. If you do not agree on this use statement, please do not carry out the registration and do not read, download or use any services and information provided by our team+ product by any means.

2. Registration an Account

  1. You will need to register our team+ product and set up an account. This account provides you with the rights of accessing the team+ services and functions.
  2. Please fill in your personal information correctly and completely. Do not use other people’s account without their permission. If any problem arises during your use of your account, you will be solely liable for all obligations.
  3. Please keep your password confidential. team+ will not be liable for any unauthorized or improper use of your account.
  4. You may manage your personal information by setting up your personal profile. We will send service-related notification to you via the email address you provided to team+.
  5. team+ may terminate or suspend your account at any time for a specific reason or without any reason.

3. Sharing Your Content and Information

  1. The team+ product allows users to post articles, feedback, give comments, upload files and provide other information in other forms (i.e., the “user generated content”). User shall be totally liable for the data established thereby.
  2. Teamplus Technology Inc.to which team+ is subordinated does not review, share, distribute or refer to any contents generated by the user.
  3. All user generated contents belong to the user. Nevertheless, any user content that is adopted by the corporate community to which the user belongs (the community is currently identified and distinguished by company domain) will be deemed as the company’s assets.
  4. By releasing your contents or information, you will be deemed to have allowed people within your company domain to access or use the said data, and associate the data with you (ex., your name and profile photo).
  5. We will always be grateful for your opinions and other team+ related feedback. Nevertheless, please understand that we are not obliged to provide you remuneration for these opinions (just in the way that you are not obliged to provide us with your opinions).
  6. The team+ or user generated contents may contain some information (ex., websites, links, contents and services) that cannot be controlled by our side. Any user who clicks the said third-party links shall be solely liable for all risks accompanies therewith.

4. Protecting Other People’s Rights

  1. On team+, you will not post any content or take any action that infringes or violates the rights of others or violates the law.
  2. On team+, you will not release any personal identify document or sensitive financial information of anyone.
  3. You are not allowed to post any content that can result in other people’s property loss or induce others to commit a crime.
  4. You are not allowed to post any illegal, harmful, insulting, racial or other improper content.
  5. You are now allowed to post any content without legal authorization or any other non-contractual or untrusted content.
  6. With respect to content released through the team+ service, team+ is not liable for any intellectual property right infringement.
  7. As your user content may be misused by other people, you can potentially be exposed to inappropriate content. If you are suffered from any loss or damage or harm, team+ is not liable therefor.

5. Security

  1. To protect user information and user content, the team+ product is designed with a strong data leak protection mechanism.
  2. Nevertheless, even we have a complete protection plan, we do not guarantee that the protection mechanism of our service will not be maliciously crack by a third party.

6. No Warranty

  1. We are doing our best to ensure that our team+ product is not malfunctioned and is safe and reliable. Nevertheless, you must undertake your own risks when using this product.
  2. We do not guarantee that any content or file posted or uploaded by any user will be accurately and fully preserved with our team+ product.
  3. With respect to any content or file downloaded through this platform, the users shall take the full responsibility for the safety thereof.

7. Copyright Statement

Apart from the user content, the team+ services and its software, website program, data, images, text, picture, trademarks, sounds and music (hereinafter collectively referred to as the team+ contents) must not be resold, leased, changed, spread, copied, reproduced, transmitted, publicly exhibited, published or rewrote. Any behaviors derived therefrom are also prohibited, unless it’s specifically authorized.

8. Disputes

In the event of any dispute, Taipei District Court will resolve any claims and reasons for litigation actions or disputes (claims) caused by this statement or team+.

9. Others

We retain all rights that have not been authorized to you specifically.